What We Are

We’re a tennis review blog written by tennis players, for tennis players. This tennis review website is written for people at all levels of tennis looking for honest, intimate review on the tennis equipment they’re considering.

Our reviews are written by regular people just like you, and our goal is to give honest assessments of the gear we use.

Every player is different, and the fact that tennis as a sport accommodates different play styles, skill levels, and types of players is why many people fall in love with the game. It’s also the reason that its not practically realistic to expect that you will agree with every review published on this website.

That’s why our goal is to help you understand how we think, play, and review products. That way, you can gauge your own likelihood to enjoy a product based on our consistent review style. Once you get to know us, you’ll know whether you’re likely to benefit from a product based on how we feel about it.

What We’re Not

We are not a media company, corporation, or institution running a blog just to get clicks and traffic. We have a passion for the game, and this blog is an extension of that deep seated love for all things tennis.

Keeping it down-to-earth is our mandate, so there’s no corporate interest in promoting certain products or writing favorably about gear that isn’t worthwhile just because it’s hyped up or manufactured by a well-respected brand.