Why start a tennis review website, especially in such a saturated market?

It’s a good question with a simple answer. Love of the game. Besides, there’s so much content floating around on the internet from glossy, well-produced media production teams reviewing tennis merch.

Sometimes you just want a more personal take without all of the fluff.

A Tennis Review Site for Tennis Players, by Tennis Players

We’re no professionals. I’ve never been assessed for a tennis rating. I’ve never won a tournament. One thing I can offer, is an unbiased take on the tennis gear that I love or try using.

What’s the benefit to my readers?

You get to hear criticism of the products you’re interested in from a normal person, just like you. Maybe you have a crappy forehand, can barely serve, or have always dreamed of hitting a tweener in a match. If so, these reviews are for you.

Check back soon to read our first review.

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